What’s Next for Ethos

CircleID CircleID: Since last fall, Ethos has actively engaged with ICANN and .ORG communities regarding our proposed acquisition of Public Interest Registry (PIR). Through that process, we demonstrated our desire to ensure that .ORG continues and thrives as an exemplary service for the mission-driven community. ICANN has now declined to consent to the proposed change of control of PIR. We respect the ICANN multistakeholder model, but we disagree with and are disappointed by ICANN’s decision. What is more worrisome is not the decision, but the path and the motivations behind it. We hope that together we can pivot and refocus our efforts to strengthen ICANN’s bottom-up multistakeholder model.

Throughout this process, we listened intently to the .ORG community and responded accordingly. We offered to make unprecedented legally-binding commitments through a Public Interest Commitment (PIC) because we respect this community and its important role in shaping the Internet ecosystem and serving the non-profit and mission-driven organizations. Moreover, this community would have been our customers. We were prepared to do everything to keep our customers satisfied.

Our original motivation for investing in PIR was our desire to support and uphold the visions of PIR and ISOC. We saw an opportunity to support PIR’s growth and expansion through reinvesting its revenues in the .ORG platform. We believed that new investment and innovation could deliver significant benefits for the .ORG community while maintaining the Registry’s core values of stability, security and reliability. We wanted to build an even stronger .ORG and enhance the benefits it offers to the .ORG community and users around the world. We also believed that ISOC would benefit from this partnership. The proceeds of the sale would have been used to further ISOC’s mission and help enable an open Internet for all.

We would like to thank both the leadership and teams at the Internet Society and PIR for their partnership over these past several months. The Internet Society and its team’s steadfast commitment to making the Internet accessible to all and to promoting it as a resource to enrich people’s lives should be commended and sustained. We admire the dedication of PIR’s team to its mission of empowering people who are committed to improving our world. By providing a secure, stable and reliable online platform for mission-driven organizations, PIR has been a champion for the .ORG community. We are confident that PIR will continue to be a strong advocate and ally for .ORG registrants.

Ethos was founded as an investment firm focused on helping companies drive growth and transformation, while committing to operate ethically, responsibly, and in the best interests of all our stakeholders. We believe there is a balance between the typical metrics of success, such as financial growth and profitability, and socially responsible initiatives. We want to make it commonplace to hear the terms “public good” and “profit” together. We planned to use our investment in PIR as an opportunity to demonstrate Ethos’ values fully — that prosperity can be built and shared, and innovation has the power to fuel growth and success for all. While this opportunity with PIR has passed, Ethos’ work will continue, and we look forward to building new partnerships where we can demonstrate that doing “well” and doing “good” can go hand in hand.
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