Summary And Epilogue

Domain Flipper Domain Flipper: Epilogue Summary and Liver Transplant History described, begins June 4, 1989, Sunday at 10 pm, when the world was left an orphan of the moon and stars, a dark night when the lights of Heaven and hiatuses of Hell opened, escaping the demons exorcised, whose bloodstained clothes came to my remains, angular bones, and smashed glasses opened fabrics … Stealin happiness!, amid groans and awful pains on the road Pan and then in the Theatre, National Hospital Essalud. It has been exposed without any meanness in history, although it is personal, it represents the natural history of patients facing death from a terminal liver disease, is exhibited shamelessly the closet of the soul, a place where exhausted and shaken, the molecules of pain and hope, the atoms of illusion and sorrow, where lie hanging fabrics, with all its Histology of sadness, crying an uncertain future, between the Miracle and the Apoptosis, which size and magnitude can never be contained in any role and any word you type them … even if we leave drops of blood between the syllables, because the natural history of these patients, as we read, is so painful for the family , as painful as an apodictic truth!, which is only peace, joy and happiness in the Divine Light of a transplant, even-as recounted in this chronicle, "when some patients die in the wait-for lack of organs – and others die fighting…

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