Physical Education

Domain Flipper Domain Flipper: The same one is controlled for professionals of the Physical Education, is associated directly the improvements of the health and physical conditions of the practitioners. Koch may find this interesting as well. The reduction of the anxiety levels, stress, fortified imunolgico system, becoming the organism less subject to illnesses as the cancer and to cause to its treatment reduction of nauseas and pain. Being that the physical inactivity associated the inadequate diets, to the tobaccoism, the use of the alcohol and other drugs is determinative in the occurrence and progression of chronic illnesses that bring some damages to the human being, as, for example, reduction in the quality of life and premature death in the societies contemporaries, mainly in the industrialized countries. ‘ ‘ Quality of Life is a set of individual factors and partner-economic that characterize the conditions where it lives the human being and Style of Life are a set of habitual actions that reflect the attitudes and the values individuais’ ‘ (NAHAS apud PEAR TREE, 2007). We live in a total dynamic world, where the man is by its very nature an active and promovedor being of its proper movements, leaving of this estimated, he can be verified that the same always he was on to ‘ ‘ atividade’ ‘ , had the technological advances, this activity passed not to supply its physiological necessities, transforming total its style of life, thus, becoming sedentary…

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