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Domain Flipper Domain Flipper: STRATEGIES for sales and MARKETING for times of RECESSION is obvious that in a recession economy sales of a company will see diminished by external factors that hardly can be controlled, nevertheless it is possible to plan a winning strategy that allows capture to those consumers who are not seen as affected by the crisis or to those companies that simply must consume in order to keep producing or exist. One of the mistakes that are made frequently is launching an advertising campaign to attract new prospects, providing the respective instructions so that they know where and when going to close the deal, this can work in a growing economy, but in the midst of a crisis the right strategy would fix a time and space determined by where the trade representative may personally capture personally the prospect to close the deal. For example instead of offering discount coupons and wait to see who buys me, you could organise an exhibition and where face to face sales opportunities can be generated. An of the main philosophies for achieving success in business (and in life) is the following, No matter whatever the problem or challenge, always there is a way to resolve it satisfactorily. Most successful entrepreneurs I know have adopted this philosophy, and instead of focusing on what they can not do, spend your mental effort in finding a solution to their problems. 76ers Owner follows…

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