June .ai auctions led by Steve.ai

This month’s .Ai closed on Whois.ai and Steve.ai was the top close at $4,009. There were 3 two letter .ai names in the top 5 along with Chatbot.ai at $2,999. Last week Sit.ai sold for $12,000 after being acquired for $582 in 2019. steve.ai $4,009.00sm.ai $3,384.00chatbots.ai $2,999.00jo.ai $2,024.00oc.ai $2,009.00rep.ai $1,239.00voucher.ai $1,010.00onion.ai $1,000.00hornet.ai $997.00oscar.ai $996.00flywheel.ai $898.00rob.ai […]

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