GNSO Council: Attend the .ORG Protest!

CircleID CircleID: Dear GNSO Council,

Tomorrow EFF, NTEN, Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and other organizations will hold a rally outside of ICANN HQ from 9-11 am. You know about the rally, and you should all attend this event!

Whatever your feelings about the sale of .ORG, you are leaders of the GNSO, the body that makes gTLD policy. This is a gTLD event, and registrants are trying to talk with ICANN, and they are trying to talk with YOU. At this important moment: you are in LA in person and you could be listening and talking with concerned .ORG registrants. What could be more important?

It’s also a great time to engage in some of the most treasured of US rights — the protection of free speech and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”

So join the discussion taking place on the street and sidewalks! Policy discussions are not just for far-away hotel ballrooms!

.ORG Protest

Fri, 1/24, 9-11a AM,

ICANN, 12025 Waterfront Dr.


Kathy Kleiman
Written by Kathy Kleiman, President, Domain Name Rights Coalition (DNRC)Follow CircleID on TwitterMore under: Domain Names, ICANN, Internet Governance, Policy & Regulation, Registry Services

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